Responsibility of managers
Managers must ensure that activities within their area of responsibility are carried out in accordance with the requirements set out in this document. Managers are responsible for communicating the requirements and for providing advice with respect to the interpretation and application of the rules. A business relationship shall only be established or amended if the relationship represents a negligible risk to our integrity.

Handling cases of doubt
If you come across cases of ethical doubts or breaches of MMS’s ethical requirements, these concerns must be reported immediately to your superior. A manager who receives such a query must consult their own superior.

Breaches of the MMS’s ethical code or relevant statutory provisions may result in disciplinary action or dismissal and may be reported to the relevant authorities.

Ethics committee
The Management Committee constitutes ethics committee and will ensure strong focus on, common understanding of and compliance with MMS’s ethical requirements.

Enquiries from the press
In order to ensure a uniform contact with media, all enquiries regarding MMS must be coordinated with the company President or delegated person. This applies to everybody who may make public statements.

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