Let’s Prepare ourselves for Ballast Water Management Entering into Force in October 2019

MMS Feasibility Study before installation -

 Our Project team works in tandem with BWMS manufacturers (USCG type-approved BWMS) to conduct feasibility study on the vessel trading and ballasting pattern, Budgets (CAPEX & OPEX) cost assessment, 3D scanning / design technologies for the systems.

MMS Navigate with Owners and Makers meticulously as follows – 1. Pre-inspection with 3D scanning, 2 Design Engineering, 3. Supplying Materials and 4. Installation and after sales Worldwide support network

The Ships ballast and de-ballast activity as follows :


IMO guidelines on trading waters and compliance –

New BWMS installation requirements are based on the following –

1. Vessel Trading Pattern
2. Vessel Ballast pump capacity
3. Frequency and Time limitation for ballasting / deballasting
4. New installation Space Considerations
5. Feasibility study on footprint for the space constraints 3-D scanning and design mapping
6. Availability of Power for new installation of BWMS Ships power at shore / sea going load (loading / discharging)