Pre Purchase Inspection

We have extensive experience performing pre-purchase surveys

MERCANTILE MARITIME SOLUTIONS PTE LTD, experts have extensive experience performing pre-purchase surveys for a variety of clients. MMS offers pre-purchase surveys as part of our due diligence capability..

A full report on vessels tanks, hull and any outstanding class or repair issues are noted in order to give a completely independent assessment of the vessel, her maintenance and expected reliability in service. An assessment is made of any expected areas of concern to the potential purchaser and reported with the support of high-resolution photography. We offer a range of services that aid buyers and charterers in decisions affecting the purchase and sale of ships, boats, leisure craft and yachts. These independent services can help reduce the risk associated with pre-owned vessel acquisition or charter.

The following is a list of the options/capabilities for pre-purchase work, we can:

• Provide a view on the vessel’s design and assess the competitiveness of the assets compared to current fleet of similar vessels in
   the Industry

• Review the planned maintenance system (PMS) including defect reporting

• Inspect monthly operating expenditure (OPEX) data, maintenance records, dry-docking records and spare parts ordering

• Identify the major items of upcoming capital expenditure (CAPEX), including dry dockings, special surveys and any
   modifications to the ships that may be required as a result of impending regulatory changes

• Assess the reasonableness of maintenance related OPEX and CAPEX

• Identify the cause and nature of unexpected maintenance work which, according to management, significantly affected
   profitability; and assess the effectiveness of corrective actions taken by management

• Identify any technical and operational risks and suggest mitigation

• Assess how assets have been maintained, to what extent breakdown maintenance occurs regularly, hull condition, condition of
   the assets, likely availability going forward

• Assess the quality of the company’s fleet management, which includes office audit of the target group’s operating procedures,
  maintenance policies and procedures, safety management system, internal and external audits, records of emergency response
  drills, and other key performance indicators.

• Assess the lease agreement and charter contracts from the technical perspective such as warranties pertaining to the
   condition of the vessels, liability for defects and repairs at end of charter terms etc.

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