Lay-Up Management

Preservation of vessel hull and machinery from corrosive and static seizure Security, safety and preservation of vessel, its equipment and environment Turnkey process from arrival to lay-up to reactivation

Lay-Up Process


 Instalment of proper deactivation equipment and systems

 Relevant spaces are sealed o and dehumidifying machines installed

 Watertight blanking of underwater openings

 Demonstration of various emergency equipment

 Demonstration of various emergency equipment

 Our team is available to assist in de-activation of machinery


 Periodic inspections (regular testing, inspection, turning, and periodic operation)

 Continuous preservation

 Recording all actions in log / monthly report

 Service and necessary repairs

 Continuous monitoring by our staff on board

 24x7 manned base oce


 Ship staff to join in phases and reactivate vessel

 Demobilization of equipment

 Generator demob

 Unblanking of watertight blanks

 For cold lay-up re-activation is 7 - 14 days

 Our team can also assist with the reactivation

    Cold Lay-up

 Total shutdown of vessel with no crew

 Two watchmen on 24/7 watch

 Vessel maintained by dehumidifiers, cathodic protection and preservation of sea water lines/sea chest

 Longer re-commissioning time

    Hot Lay-up

 Crew members at minimum safety manning can remain on board at all times to maintain and care for the vessel

 Vessel is held within Classification and Flag State requirements

 Skeleton Machinery kept operational at minimal cost

 Quick re-commissioning time period  

    Lay-up LOCATION

 Our anchorage locations are secure and sheltered from typhoon and monsoon zones

 Excellent holding ground for your ships to anchor safely

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