MMS requires high ethical standards from everyone who acts on behalf of our companies. You must follow applicable laws and regulations and carry out your duties in accordance with the requirements and standards applicable, and shall not assist in any breach of laws by our business associates. MMS expects you to treat everyone you meet, in your work or work related activities, with courtesy and respect. You must refrain from any form of harassment, discrimination or other behavior that colleagues or business associates may regard as threatening or humiliating.

Protection of MMS’s property and assets
MMS assets may be of considerable value – whether financial or physical assets or intellectual property - and are intended to be used only to advance MMS business purposes and goals. You must utilize these assets in responsible ways. You must protect MMS’s property and assets against loss, damage or abuse. The use of MMS’s time, materials, financial assets or facilities for purposes not directly related to MMS’s business is prohibited without authorization from a responsible MMS representative. The same applies to the removal or borrowing of MMS assets without permission.

Confidentiality is to prevent undesirable persons from gaining access to information that may damage MMS’s business or reputation. This duty shall also protect individuals’ privacy and integrity. Careful consideration should therefore be given to how, where and with whom MMS related matters are discussed. Information classified as “internal” must not be disclosed to outsiders. This also applies to sensitive information related to security, individuals, commercial, technical or contractual matters, except when disclosure is authorized or required by law. The duty of confidentiality continues to apply after termination of employment or after an assignment has been completed. All information other than general business knowledge and general work experience that becomes known to the individual shall be regarded as confidential and treated as such.

The prohibition against corruption applies for all individuals acting on MMS’s behalf. In case of violations, the company may be fined and individuals may be fined and/or imprisoned. If you believe that your own or the lives or health of others may be in danger, making a payment is not a violation of this prohibition. Payments must be correctly described in the accounts and reported to the manager of the affected MMS company.

Gifts, hospitality and expenses
You must not, directly or indirectly, accept gifts except for promotional items of minimal value. Other gifts may be accepted in situations where it would clearly give offence to refuse, in which case the gift must be handed over to MMS and will be regarded as company property. Hospitality such as social events, meals or entertainment may be accepted if there is a clear business reason. The cost of any hospitality must be kept within reasonable limits. Travel, accommodation and other expenses for yourself in connection with such hospitality must always be paid by MMS The above principles also apply in the reverse direction, so that no one acting on behalf of MMS may, in their dealings with customers, suppliers and other parties, offer or agree to pay for gifts, hospitality or other expenses that would violate these principles.

Conflict of interest
You must always act in proper manner and not give companies, organizations or individuals improper advantages. You must not become involved in relations that could give rise to questions or conflict with MMS’s interest or could in any way have a negative effect on your commercial abilities or judgement. You must not work on or deal with any matter in which yourself, your spouse, partner, close relative, or any other person with whom you have close relations, has a direct or indirect financial interest. Nor may you work on or deal with any matter where there are other circumstances that might undermine trust in your impartiality or integrity. You must not use MMS’s property or information acquired through your position or office in MMS for personal advantage or for the purpose of competing with MMS. Suspicion of a potential conflict of interest should be reported to your superior.

Directorships, employment or other assignments
As a MMS employee you must not engage in other paid directorships, employment or assignments of any significance outside MMS except by agreement with MMS. Should a conflict of interest arise, or if your ability to perform your duties or fulfil your obligations to MMS is compromised, such approval will not be granted, or will be withdrawn.

Information and IT systems
Your use of information, IT systems and, in particular, internet services must be governed by the needs of the business and not by personal interests.

Purchase of sexual services
Purchase of sexual services may support human trafficking. Human trafficking is illegal and a violation of human rights. You must refrain from buying sexual services when on assignments or business trips for MMS.

MMS is a drug free workplace. Accordingly, it is not permitted to be under the influence of intoxicating substances, including alcohol, while at work for MMS. Limited amounts of alcohol may, however, be served when the local custom and occasion make it appropriate to do so, provided that the consumption will not be combined with operating machinery, driving or any other operation that is incompatible with the use of alcohol. No one should use, or encourage others to use, intoxicants in a manner that can place the user, MMS or any of its business associates in an unfavorable light.

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